Puma Ultra Ultimate FG AG ‘Supercharge Pack – Black’ 107163 02


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Product Description:
Introducing the Puma Ultra Ultimate FG AG ‘Supercharge Pack – Black’ 107163 02 soccer cleats, designed to revolutionize your game and make you the ultimate force on the field. These sleek black cleats feature cutting-edge technology and exceptional design, ensuring optimal performance and style.

1. Lightweight and Durable: The Ultra Ultimate FG AG soccer cleats are crafted with high-quality materials that offer both lightweight comfort and long-lasting durability. Dominate the field without compromising on comfort or sturdiness.

2. Ultra-fast Speed: Engineered for speed, the built-in Puma Ultra technology transfers energy from your foot to the ground, allowing lightning-fast acceleration and quick directional changes. Stay ahead of the competition with these agile cleats.

3. Enhanced Ball Control: The 3D-textured upper of the Ultra Ultimate cleats offers improved grip and control over the ball, enhancing your precision passing and touch. Execute accurate shots, passes, and crosses with ease.

4. Adaptive Fit: Designed to provide a snug and secure fit, the boot’s NETFIT lacing system allows you to customize the fit according to your preference. Experience superior comfort and stability for the entirety of the match.

– Brand: Puma
– Model: Ultra Ultimate FG AG ‘Supercharge Pack – Black’ 107163 02
– Usage: Firm Ground (FG) and Artificial Ground (AG)
– Suitable for: Men
– Material: Synthetic
– Color: Black
– Cleat Type: Firm Ground (FG) / Artificial Ground (AG)
– Weight: Lightweight
– Technology: Puma Ultra, NETFIT lacing system
– Textured Upper: 3D-textured upper for enhanced ball grip

In summary, the Puma Ultra Ultimate FG AG ‘Supercharge Pack – Black’ 107163 02 soccer cleats are engineered to elevate your performance on the field. These lightweight and durable cleats offer ultra-fast speed, improved ball control, and an adaptive fit, all packed in a sleek black design. Upgrade your game with these cutting-edge soccer cleats from Puma.



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