Puma Future 1.3 “Fearless” Firm Ground Cleats


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Product Description:
Introducing the all-new Puma Future 1.3 “Fearless” Firm Ground Cleats, designed to elevate your performance on the soccer field. These revolutionary cleats combine innovative technology with a sleek design, guaranteeing exceptional comfort, control, and agility. Unleash your potential and conquer the game with these fearless cleats.

1. Premium Comfort: The Puma Future 1.3 “Fearless” Cleats prioritize your comfort, featuring a snug and secure fit. The evoKNIT upper delivers a sock-like feel, wrapping around your foot like a second skin, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the game.

2. Enhanced Ball Control: Dominate the pitch with the GripControl Pro technology embedded in these cleats. The upper’s textured grip zones provide exceptional control, allowing you to dribble and strike the ball with unrivaled precision.

3. Dynamic Agility: Optimize your performance with the 3D Havoc Frame engineered into the outsole. This lightweight, yet sturdy, frame offers excellent traction and stability, enabling quick directional changes and explosive accelerations.

4. Adaptable Lacing System: The NETFIT technology integrated into the lacing system allows for customizable fit and support. Adjust the laces to your desired preference, ensuring that the cleats adapt perfectly to your unique playing style.

– Type: Firm Ground Cleats
– Upper Material: evoKNIT
– Outsole Material: 3D Havoc Frame
– Lacing System: NETFIT
– Recommended Position: All positions
– Recommended Playing Style: Aggressive and fast-paced
– Compatibility: Suitable for natural grass surfaces

In conclusion, the Puma Future 1.3 “Fearless” Firm Ground Cleats are crafted to push your limits on the soccer field. With their superior comfort, unparalleled ball control, dynamic agility, and adaptable lacing system, these cleats are perfect for players of all positions who crave success. Unleash your fearlessness and take your game to new heights with Puma.



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